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Launch! Party! Prizes!

6 Aug

It’s here! Sleepless Knights has arrived, fighting fit and champing at the bit to meet readers.


A huge thank you to all those who came along to the Launch Party on Saturday in Cardiff. Wine was drunk, sweets and cake were eaten (to see more work by cake-maker extraordinaire Leah Humphreys, head here) You really helped to make not just the book’s launch, but also my first ever nerve-tinged public reading, a complete blast from start to finish.


In other round-up news, we’ve had new quotes in from the brilliant Toby Whithouse (Doctor Who & Being Human) and a starred review in Library Journal. You can read them in full, and order the book direct from Atomic Fez, right here, where you can also still check out the first chapter for free! And blogger Jenni Nock has kindly reviewed Sleepless Knights over on Juniper’s Jungle, where you’ll also find a wide selection of reviews, snippets and eloquent enthusiasm on the world of books and beyond.


And now without further ado, time to announce the…


Congratulations to Mary de Bruyn, who made the closest guess to my own knight-naming, based on the cover, which were:

1. Lancelot

2. Gawain

3. Pellinore

4. Lucas

5. Perceval

6. Arthur

7. Kay

Your Questing Kit will shortly be galumphing its way through the Canadian postal channels, with the signed Advance Reading Copy hot on its heels.

And, speaking of signed ARCs (which sounds like one of the terrors of the Fire Swamp, but I digress)…


Thanks to everyone who joined in with the Sleepless Knights #dioramafriday on twitter (check out the hashtag to see them in full). The entries were a pun-tastic and imaginative delight, and in the end I chose two winners. A signed ARC apiece go firstly to @Indigo_Blues_ who won points for background detail, knight & dragon, plus the creation of a mini version of the book! Check it out here

And the second winner is Zoe, aka @SaidHanrahan, for her selection of minifig-based knight escapades, such as this little beauty. Top diorama’ing skills, both!


Launch Knight

3 Jul

Plenty of news to round-up, ahead of the release of Sleepless Knights on 5th August, including…


Previews and advance quotes have started to come in, from such brilliant writers as Muriel Gray, Mike Carey, Christopher Fowler and Darren Craske. You can find them in full here, alongside a review from US book trade journal Publishers Weekly.

The Publishers Weekly review is especially exciting for generating interest in the book in America. They not only featured Jimmy Broxton’s belting cover art on their table-of-contents page, but also starred the book as Recommended, an accolade given to around one in ten titles. Which is a nice excuse to…


The Sleepless Knights Launch Knight will be at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff on Saturday 3rd August, upstairs in the Mediapoint room from 6 til 8, then from 8 til late in the bar. The book will be on sale, the author will be doing a reading, and there will be cake.

As well as being the launch for Sleepless Knights, other Atomic Fez books will be available, plus titles from the Welsh horror, SF & fantasy publisher Pendragon Press (no relation). The event is unticketed, but do let us know if you’re planning on coming so we can plan accordingly (i.e. more cake).


Within the next week or so, you’ll be able to download the first chapter of Sleepless Knights – entitled Day One – from the Atomic Fez website for free!

What are King Arthur and six of his finest knights up to, living and walking among us? Whose catastrophic actions threaten to reveal their existence to the modern world? And what is Sir Lucas the butler’s method for separating the ham sandwiches with mustard, from those without?* Frankly, a summer devoid of the answers to these questions is unthinkable, so keep your eyes on twitter and the Atomic Fez news page. Not least as reading Chapter One will give you all you’ll need to enter the launch competition, which we’ll be announcing next time.

NEXT TIME: The Sleepless Knights Name The Knight Competition!

* “Now THAT’S an inciting incident!” – Robert McKee**

** (mightnotactuallyberobertmckee)

Sleepless Knights Cover!

15 Apr

With Sleepless Knights now on pre-sale from Atomic Fez, and with just a few months until release, it’s a pleasure to reveal the cover – the work of designer, artist and all-round splendid fellow Jimmy Broxton!


Click on image for bigger version of Broxton brilliance

The initial brief in an email to Jimmy was for a tone that mixes “the domestic with the fantastic. ‘Gleeful anachronism’ might be a good way to describe it… But there’s also a poignant tone to the book – these characters are far from home and have all seen better days.” In addition to the comedic elements to the book, the story of Sir Lucas is an unlikely hero’s journey that tests him to his limits and beyond, and I was keen to avoid anything too overly wacky.

Jimmy responded with an initial sketch which he described as “a representation of authentic brass rubbings coming alive, cavorting, boozing, eating kebabs/fried chicken and generally acting up as described… it’s comedic, but not a cartoon as such… a darker, more satirical feel.”

The finished version not only met that initial brief, but far exceeded my expectations. I’m hugely proud to have such a striking and original piece of design as the cover to Sleepless Knights.