Launch Knight

3 Jul

Plenty of news to round-up, ahead of the release of Sleepless Knights on 5th August, including…


Previews and advance quotes have started to come in, from such brilliant writers as Muriel Gray, Mike Carey, Christopher Fowler and Darren Craske. You can find them in full here, alongside a review from US book trade journal Publishers Weekly.

The Publishers Weekly review is especially exciting for generating interest in the book in America. They not only featured Jimmy Broxton’s belting cover art on their table-of-contents page, but also starred the book as Recommended, an accolade given to around one in ten titles. Which is a nice excuse to…


The Sleepless Knights Launch Knight will be at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff on Saturday 3rd August, upstairs in the Mediapoint room from 6 til 8, then from 8 til late in the bar. The book will be on sale, the author will be doing a reading, and there will be cake.

As well as being the launch for Sleepless Knights, other Atomic Fez books will be available, plus titles from the Welsh horror, SF & fantasy publisher Pendragon Press (no relation). The event is unticketed, but do let us know if you’re planning on coming so we can plan accordingly (i.e. more cake).


Within the next week or so, you’ll be able to download the first chapter of Sleepless Knights – entitled Day One – from the Atomic Fez website for free!

What are King Arthur and six of his finest knights up to, living and walking among us? Whose catastrophic actions threaten to reveal their existence to the modern world? And what is Sir Lucas the butler’s method for separating the ham sandwiches with mustard, from those without?* Frankly, a summer devoid of the answers to these questions is unthinkable, so keep your eyes on twitter and the Atomic Fez news page. Not least as reading Chapter One will give you all you’ll need to enter the launch competition, which we’ll be announcing next time.

NEXT TIME: The Sleepless Knights Name The Knight Competition!

* “Now THAT’S an inciting incident!” – Robert McKee**

** (mightnotactuallyberobertmckee)


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  1. Ian Alexander Martin July 4, 2013 at 12:42 am #

    [makes note to contact solicitors in advance of Robert McKee’s taking legal action]

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