Sleepless Knights cover news

27 Sep

Hello there! After a lengthy hiatus, it’s high time I dusted off the blogwebs. Not least because there’s exciting Sleepless Knights news a-brewing…

With 2013 and publication steadily approaching, it feels like the perfect time to announce that the book’s cover is being designed by the supremely talented artist, illustrator and designer Jimmy Broxton! At this point I’d like to say a huge thank you to writer Paul Cornell, who introduced me to Jimmy in 2011, as well as putting us back in touch earlier this year.

Jimmy’s work has appeared in both DC Comics and Vertigo titles, notably collaborating with Paul on Batman spin-off Knight & Squire, and the West Wing-meets-X-Files Saucer Country – as well as gracing the pages of Mike Carey & Peter Gross’ The Unwritten. Atomic Fez publisher Ian Alexander Martin and I both felt that Jimmy was the ideal fit for Sleepless Knights, and were thrilled to bits when he took on the job.

Without giving anything away until the cover is completed (and without trying your patience by chuntering on about something without actually showing it!), I really feel Jimmy has captured the tone and spirit of the story in a bold and striking piece of design. For more on all that, head to the Atomic Fez announcement here (and do stop to browse their other titles while you’re there!)

I can’t wait until the cover is finished, and we hope to unveil it at some point in the new year.


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